Today’s unexpected announcement by Nintendo was just that.. Totally unexpected.

The Nintendo Classic reportedly sold more than 200,000 units in North America alone since its release last year. And, in that time frame, the console has been nearly impossible to come by. It’s also been a great product for scalpers to sell on Ebay (and Kijiji in Canada). So, thank you scalpers for ruining it for the rest of us!

That aside… it’s a surprised that a unit that is selling so well, and that is aimed at older gamers (and younger ones who embraced the retro gaming genre), would be suddenly pulled from production.

One theory.. the overwhelming success of theĀ Nintendo Switch is putting Nintendo in a position where it doesn’t want to focus on production of a 2nd product that cuts into profits of the Switch.

Also, the Switch is going to have a large library of NES and SNES games at some point, right? Dollars to donuts… I bet that some of those games on the NES Classic make an appearance in the Nintendo eShop in the future.

What was nice about the Nintendo Classic was the price point.. It was in the realm of a current generation games price range, but you got 30 classic titles packed into the unit. And going back to my childhood I remember how many hours I sunk into those games!

So, if you see it in store or online for retail cost in the near future.. Grab one.. or two.. or even three! Just don’t scalp them! We don’t like scalpers!

Did you get a NES Classic? What did you think about it and what are your thoughts on the discontinuation of the console?