No Man’s Sky has been about for what.. 9 months? Something like that, right?

I fed into the pre-release hype of the game. And in fairness, I had just built a new gaming PC (all new parts except the video card, which is older and still needs to be updated). The graphics looked great, and it reminded me of the old days of playing games like Privateer or Freelancer – large, open world space flight-simulator type games where sky’s the limit (pun intended?).

I downloaded the game on release day off Steam. And while I wasn’t disappointed with the game play, the game ran brutally slow on my PC. Lowering the settings helped, but I’d have to restart the game every 30 minutes. So not overly enjoyable.

To date, I’ve only sunk about 30 hours into the game – and 27 of those were the first month of release. I haven’t played again until recently.

Now don’t get me wrong, the game got a lot of flak from a lot of people, for a lot of reasons. Right or wrong, the game had issues on several fronts.  It definitely was portrayed to be something that it wasn’t. And, I’ll hand it to the creators of the game – they’ve tried to pull it out of the dumpster since then.

Fast forward to today.. or recently, I should say. The latest and greatest update came out. And knowing I’d have issues with running the game I didn’t immediately install it. But I decided to give it a go.

Now remember, I was having a lot of issues with the game at least.. Honestly, the game runs smoother now. No lag, or massive FPS drop. I don’t have to restart every 30 minutes. Not sure what they changed on the side of the game that improved performance, but it was a nice surprise being able to delve into the game without losing my shit over the games performance (nothing like getting ganked by a sentry because the game FSP pretty much 0).

Biggest things I’ve noticed, and appreciate:

a) Bases!!! Fuckin’ eh! About time. It’s nice to be able to find, and claim a base – then build it up to something awesome (though my skills at ‘urban design’ clearly need some improvement!).

This was definitely one of those sticky points with a lot of the gamers out there who had the game. And Hello Games obviously took it to heart and made right by them with this add on.

Once you locate an unclaimed base, you’re able to research various component designs for it – walls, stairs, lights, building modules, etc… Then, of course, you need to get the required items to build it (lots of iron is needed!!!).

From there, the sky is the limit!

b) Increased wildlife

This, too, was a big sore spot for those who got the game. The pre-release visuals showed worlds filled with animals and monsters (well, not REAL monsters but.. dinosaurs I guess?). Then when it was release time… next to nothing. And those animals that you did run into were.. well.. pathetic?

Landed on the planet which now houses my home base (called Midway Station, by the way)… and there were probably thirty to fifty animals running around in the immediate area.. probably 8 to 10 different kinds. A few were hostile, most were not (but I had no issues slaughtering them anyway, haha).

I remember seeing some discussion online about the wildlife issue, and it was another item high on the ‘fix it’ list. So great job Hello Games for fixing that too!


It is refreshing to see a developer to intent on fixing a game, to make it ‘perfect’ and what the players want. I know that a lot of the reviews on Steam are still bad – and in fairness to Hello Games, very few will go back to adjust them after the updates. But it’s nice to see a designer who takes to heart what the players and community said, and actually worked to improve and make those things happen. I can think of a dozen developers off the top of my head who don’t do this (or at least not in a transparent and/or expedient manner).

Is the game perfect? Not yet, but it’s getting there. There’s a long road ahead, and from what I see – Hello Games is trying it’s hardest. Hats off to them!


What do you think about No Man’s Sky? Did you hate it? Do you still hate it even with the changes? Anything that they haven’t implemented you’d like to see?