It wasn’t until recently when I started playing Mobile Games.. Well, in fairness, when I had my iPhone 6 Plus there was one game I played (a game called Dungeon Rush).

Just over a week ago, I found a game called Idle Heroes – which is actually very similar to Dungeon Rush.

What is Idle Heroes?

It’s a two dimensional heroes game where you collect various heroes of different types and classes, level them up, equipment them with weapons and go through various game modes.

It’s pretty simple – your heroes can be from one to six stars. Obviously, the higher the star level the more powerful the unit is. As you level you characters up, you unlock different abilities, item slots to equip to.. And as you form more powerful teams, you can ascend further into the game.

maxresdefault (3)

You have the main ‘campaign’ – it’s pretty easy to go through it as you get higher level teams. The nice thing is that you’re able to close the game and have your team ‘farm’ a level. When you come back you can collect XP and items to further you along (hence the name – Idle Heroes).

You have the tower, which is a seemingly endless tower that as you go further into it the enemy teams are more powerful. But as you get higher into the tower the greater the rewards you will obtain! And yes, it gets freakin’ hard!

And no mmo-style game wouldn’t be complete without.. you guessed it.. Guilds! In a guild, you can collect items, fight raid bosses and there is a sort of ‘talent tree’ you can put guild currency into to beef up your various classes (extra Health, or damage, etc…).

The game also offers various weekly events to participate in (this weeks, at time of writing, has to do with the Casino – the more spins you get, the more rewards you can get once you hit so many spins).

Idle Heroes (14)

I really enjoyed Dungeon Rush because I could play a few minutes in the morning, then log in before bed for a few and come back to a bunch of stuff and actually progress.

But, don’t get me wrong, you will hit walls in the game where you’ll be stuck for awhile (maybe weeks). When you hit those walls, do not get discouraged! You got to work towards bettering your team.

Also a hint – if you have a wide variety of characters and you hit a wall.. maybe try shaking up your core team! I know I get used to using certain characters and rarely switch it up.. but sometimes it’s needed! As certain types of characters are stronger and weaker against other types.

And of course.. there are micro-transactions, like all mobile games these days. That said, if you like a game, I’m a firm believer in making an in-game purchase to show support. Mobile developers need to make money somehow! But, play for free too if you choose!

Definitely check out Idle Heroes! And if you’re on Android hit me up! I also have  Guild!