It’s amusing.. I’ve been so resistant to giving into anything other than productivity, texting and email on my mobile device. I don’t game on it (that’s a lie.. recently started playing the Nintendo games on mobile devices). I don’t really do anything then use my phone to chat and stream music though.

So when I decided to get a Smartwatch it really was venturing into the unknown. Not only because I wasn’t sure what I was getting into, but I NEVER wear watched (every time I have in the past I end up smashing the watch face).

For me, I needed a watch that looked good. I didn’t want a flimsy one with plastic bands and coverings. For me, it just looks cheap. To each their own, I don’t knock on any of the watches out there.

I decided to pick up a Fossil Q Smartwatch.

Full Disclosure: I got it off the Best Buy Canada Auction site called 2nd Turn. And got it for less than half price (and it was brand new).

First thing I like about this watch.. It’s nice and heavy. I like heavy watches. I had tried a few on in store (like the Samsung Gear and Fitbit) and I felt like there wasn’t much weight into them. This is just a personal preference. The watch is all metal, so yeah, it has some weight to it.

One issue I had ¬†was I had a hell of at time removing several of the links on the wristband on my own. Ugh. Not to mention I kept screwing up how many I actually had to take off (I ended up taking them off, to putting them back on then realising that I shouldn’t have put them back on. Lesson learned – don’t screw around with a watch while tired!).

I really like the amount of watch faces you can choose from, and the level of customisation you can have on them. From colour to some of the apps that show (weather, battery, etc…). Took me awhile to find the ‘right one’ for me.

Battery life isn’t bad. I researched quite a bit before getting one and battery is something they all pretty much have in common – lousy. Or at least you won’t get more than a day. Depending on the level of usage I can get it down to around 15 or 20% with using it for 16 hours. So not bad. It’s just like your cellphone – charge at end of day. No big deal there (though I’m sure some people want more life out of their smartwatch battery).

The vibration alert is pretty good too. I can feel it, and don’t hear it – even while driving and doing things. I was worried that the vibration would be on the weak side.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the purchase. Sure, it’s not for everyone. But if you’re looking for a way to bypass your phone so it’s not out ALL the time, maybe a smartwatch is for you.

Word of Advice: Research, research, research

All smartwatches are pretty close to the same, with the same apps and things built in but they each have their own differences. Some noticeable, and some not. Like everything electronic, Google is your friend. If you’re going to spend 300+ bucks on a smartwatch, get one you know you’ll love. And don’t be afraid to find somewhere that’ll let you try it on!!! How it works is only half the battle. You need to love how it feels on your wrist!

Do you use a smartwatch? If not, how come?

Have a great weekend!