So today I went to the nearest EB Games (Gamestop in Canada) store to pre-order the upcoming title Has-Been Heroes for the Nintendo Switch.

First, yes, it comes out March 28th, 2017 (in 4 days from the date I post it).

Second, I got it because it looks oddly interesting. And the price is right (29.99$ plus tax CAD). So you should definitely expect a review on it later next week (aiming for Friday or Saturday so I have a few days to play it).

Lastly.. something strange came up at the store. And I mean, it’s not THAT strange but it got me wondering on how Nintendo distributes games. And granted, the game comes out in four days..

The sales associate waiting to take my money because he wasn’t sure he had enough ‘extras’ available outside of pre-orders.  After checking, he said that two people had pre-ordered, and they only received THREE GAMES TOTAL for release day.

So yes, I’ll get my copy on Tuesday. But.. three copies of a newly released game? On a console that is flying off the shelves and there is a limited selection of games?


Yes… Three.

It just boggles my mind. I didn’t think there was a distribution issue with the games. I just find it odd that a major video game retailer only would have three copies of a game available (and now all taken by pre-orders) on release day.

Am I reading too much into things? Tell me I’m wrong!!


In any case.. Food for thought on game distribution for the Switch. And, expect a review on Has-Been Heroes next week!!!