In my continuing Nintendo Switch Shenanigans… I’ve compiled a quick and dirty list of things I’d like seen added to the Nintendo Switch!

Now, don’t get me wrong… the Switch is pretty damn awesome as is. But it could always be a LITTLE better.. Everything could be just a LITTLE better.. Except Ebola.. And poo-flinging Monkeys.. Well, hang on.. That last one is kind of funny. But I digress.

First on the list is…

Cloud Saves



While this feature is apparently in the pipe somewhere for Nintendo to implement.. I’d rather this be a ‘sooner’ rather than ‘later’ option.


It’s convenient that’s for damn sure. And I’m paranoid as fuck that if I do something stupid on my Switch I’ll lose the save file.. Also, if I want to switch out the micro SD card.. I don’t have to worry about swapping files over.

This is purely a thing of convenience more than anything else.

Second on my list…

Voice chat (and not with a mobile app)


So I’ve read that Nintendo plans to roll out a mobile app for multiplayer lobbies and voice chat.

Lobbies.. Ok, that would be nice.. So much easier to organize that stuff on a mobile interface than a console.

Voice chat.. No. Not in a million years.

Why? Because if I’m gaming, I likely have a headset on. And if I have a headset on, I’m listening to my game through it (and hopefully voice chat as well). Also, a cellphone is poor substitute for a full time voice chat program – the microphones will pickup everything in the room (god help if I fart).. Push to talk wouldn’t work.

It’s pretty cut and dry why it wouldn’t be great as a single point of contact for voice over chats. I’m not opposed to the mobile app allowing for voice chats though, mainly if you’re not at your Switch.. would be great to jump into a room, and chat with friends and organize stuff before you log in, for example.

In game (console) voice chat needs to be implemented when Nintendo’s online service goes live in the fall… But not just on a mobile app.


And finally, third on my list (and for me, extremely important)…

Music Streaming

Now, I know we won’t see Spotify on the Switch, ever.. Because Sony snatched that up. But, to be honest, I don’t use Spotify. I have. And it’s ok. I’ve also used Apple Music.. and that too, is ok.

No, I don’t use Tidal.

Believe it or not, I use Microsoft Groove.

And I love it. I use it on Xbox, PC and my cell phone (also have unlimited data so I stream the fuck out of it).

Regardless of what streaming service could be used (and no matter what one would be used, you’ll always have a group of people who are butthurt over it)…  either creating my own playlists, or streading some sort of app radio station to whatever game I’m playing is what I’d rathre be doing 9 times out of 10 when I’m gaming.


So that rounds out the top three things that I’d like to see (please, please Nintendo.. bring music streaming!)…

What are some things you’d like to see? What would make the Nintendo Switch experience that much better?