My biggest issue over the years – be it when I tried to blog, or did anything (including running an online text-based game) – was developing ongoing content. It’s a bitch!

The problem, looking back, is that in previous attempts my focus was so narrow that it became difficult to post regular content. I put my (then) fat-ass into a small bottleneck, and I couldn’t get out.  So what do you do, right? Try to expand? Well, I didn’t and gave up.

I took the Nintendo Switch by the horn and ran with it… Hell, I’m still playing the thing several hours a day! And there’s no end in sight (especially with the amount of games I’ll be getting).  But, is it enough? Maybe. Maybe not. That, friends, is the thing that is yet to be seen.

There’s got to be more than just content. At least, from what I have seen and read.

Long term goals:

  • More active on Twitter
  • Regular content updates
    • Committing to a minimum of three major content updates on here per week.
    • One early, one mid, and one late week… but there coule be more!
  • Expand beyond a single topic focus (I’ve dabbled on that with my Toxicity in Gaming post)
  • Not opposed to giving stuff away either when I have extra money laying around (because, I’d just spend it on myself anyway!)

In reading some of the stuff I’ve posted, I’ve definitely have a unique writing style. Also, you may notice some oddly formed sentences… I completely blame that on my French upbringing.. I like to say that I have a very loose grasp on two languages.

So, my commitment is regular content updates. For now, they will likely be on news, updates, reviews and items regarding the Nintendo Switch. But I’ll be tossing some of my random thoughts in there on things like Online Gaming and stuff like that.

What are you thoughts on blogs and content? When is it too much, or not enough? Feel free to comment and discuss!