The title definitely says it all.

Just a random filler as I plan some more content (there will be a review on The Bindings of Isaac: Afterbirth+ this weekend for Switch!).

I’ve dabbled in the bloggesphere in the past, with limited success. Mostly lack of imagination and time. And toss in a bit of lack of interest. It seems like a good idea. Or at least I try and talk myself into it. But it doesn’t last.

I’ve read a number of books.. and I think my problem has been a lack of general direction. In previous attempts, I was all over the fucking place. And by all over, I mean ALL OVER. There was no set tone for what I was doing. I’d write about this and that.. With no regular posts.

What brought me around this time was, as you could guess… the Nintendo Switch.

I’ve been gaming for years.. Since I was 3 with my NES (and yes, I have some entertaining stories in which I definitely pissed myself rather then put the controller down and go to the bathroom, haha). From NES, to SNES, Gameboy, various SEGA consoles.. Playstation, Xbox.. and PC Gaming. I’ve done it all.

While I feel like the majority of my posts will be Switch related (and yes, I plan on acquiring a decent game library and do rigerous reviews!), definitely expect some Xbox One and PC reviews in here, random thoughts, PC related posts.. maybe even some board games and Kickstarter posts. But the central theme will be gaming and technology related.

Hopefully I can kick my ass enough to stick with this for awhile. It’s nice putting thoughts to paper (even if that paper is digital). I can only hope some people find my shenanigans amusing and insightful! Also, I’m always up for a spirited debate!

So stay tuned for a review on Isaac for Switch come the end of the week! Also, check out my Twitter feed for random thoughts!