So today I was playing Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and went back to the main Switch screen to go into my settings. For some reason I hit the Plus + button on the right Joycon and it bought up a sub-menu for the game.

One particular option caught my eye… Rewards for My Nintendo Program.

Well.. Interesting. I didn’t think you got any for physical purchases.


Well, for digital purchases you can get anywhere from 10 to 100 Nintendo Gold for use in their online store (the amount received is dependent on the pre-tax purchase price of the game). Turns out Nintendo is being pretty fucking awesome by giving people who purchase the physical copies of games SOMETHING.

The only cravat is that you need to have the cartridge in the system in order to turn get the Nintendo Gold bonus.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild got me 12 Nintendo Gold

1 2 Switch got me 10 Nintendo Gold

Super Bomberman got me 12 Nintendo Gold

Yes, I have three physical games (with 2 more pre-ordered, including Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ which comes out in 3 days).

So, moral of the story? Get your Nintendo Gold! We still don’t know what Nintendo has in store for Switch-related Gold rewards.. So might as well get some now in anticipation of it!