So much talk about the Nintendo Switch this week, seems like other things are being forgotten about.. Hell, I’ve neglected my Xbox One and my PC. But talking to someone at work about Destiny, and the upcoming content (return of the Vault of Glass, etc…), got me thinking about the last few years with the game.

I got it originally on Playstation 4 the day it came out (digitally). I fell in love with that game. The graphics were amazing, the gameplay was enjoyable, I found very little fault with the game for the first few months of playing hours every night.

If fairness, I had the game on Xbox One as well when I got it. I had probably over 1200 hours between both consoles (most of that being on PS4). I had a local clan, we raided and fucked shit up all the time. It was great.

The game had a good run. It had its ups, and its downs… Unfortunately for some people, the game had more bad times then good. While I was never overly disappointed with the content, there was definitely room for improvement.

My biggest issue with the game was the lack of ‘new’ content with the releases up until The Fallen King. Think about it.. House of Wolves and The Dark Below both used, for the most part, areas of the game that already existed. Hell, so did The Fallen Kind (with the exception of the Dreadnaught). They just re-dressed areas that already existed.

For the price of the expansions, I half expected a bit more content. The Fallen King was 49$ CAD.. Not much less than a World of Warcraft expansion.

I know.. I know.. It’s not fair comparing the two. I’m comparing an apple to a grapefruit. Two different beasts. But am I not that far off? 1200 hours in the span of two years (and a bit) is a lot of time to dump into a game.. I probably dumped that much into Warcraft over a few years too. And Warcraft at least has quite a bit of content each expansion right off the hop, plus some added content as the expansion progresses.

Maybe I’m being over critical there. But that’s my take on that… Just don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed the content.. Just wish there had been slightly more with each expansion, or it was dressed differently (more new areas and less reused zones).

My other big issue was the lack of history to the game. One thing I enjoy about Warcraft is how rich in lore it is. Other games too that I really enjoy also seem to have a rich history that I can fall into.

Now Destiny definitely had an interesting story… The Traveler, the last of its kind… protector of Earth from the coming Darkness. There was just enough given to want to know more.. but the ‘more’ we were given was fragmented, at best.  Mostly in terms of what you learned through the missions/story, and then the Grimoire cards you acquire during the game.

It would have been nice to see Bungie produce, in some form, added content to expand the store (short stories, website heavy on history, etc…). I definitely get that Bungie was big on making players learn about the lore as they went, but I was always left wanting more at the end of the day.

I know that this really isn’t a big thing to many, but it is to me.

My last biggest issue was the apparent lack of communication between developers and players – especially when shit was hitting the fan. And I know this isn’t unique to them, but with the player base and popularity they had, it was an evident problem. Complains were always rampant on the Destiny subreddit, and even their own forums.

I just hope, for their sake, that they use it as a learning experience and to grow from it… Communication is key..

I’m looking forward to Destiny 2 in the fall.. I’ll definitely be jumping back on that bandwagon when it comes around. I just hope they don’t repeat some of their bigger mistakes during these last few years.


What are your thoughts on Destiny’s run? Good? Bad? Things you would have liked to see done differently?