So I’ve had three days to screw around with the Joycon Controllers. As the picture shows, I got the console that came with the grey controllers… In fairness, yesterday I went and bought another pair so I have two full sets (although I did switch it up [hahaha, see what I did there] and got the Neon Red/Blue ones as my second set).

I was skeptical at first… Detachable controllers? What sort of fuckery is this?!

Also, the size of them made me believe they would feel flimsy in my hand, or break them easily. I had gone through four PS4 controllers in a year when I had a PS4… And have yet to go through an Xbox One controller after a year and a half. So either I was extra rough on the PS4 controllers, or they are poor quality (honestly, I prefer the look and feel of an Xbox Controller to that of the Playstation.. but I digress).

But seriously.. the initial trailer Nintendo released of the Switch left a lot of questions. And I was definitely in the ‘fuck no’ category for the console at the time.

I was asked on Reddit (u/kosh_the_vorlon) last night what I thought about them in comparison to the Xbox One Controller.. and that got me thinking of the differences in them.


Aside from being thinner, the Switch controller feels about the same size as the Xbox One controller in my mammoth hands. I haven’t tried the Pro controller yet, but I have no complaints about how the Joycon units feel when I’m holding them. If I was transitioning from Playstation to the Joycon controllers, I think I’d feel the difference, but I really didn’t mind them coming from the Xbox (after not having held a PS4 controller in a year and a half).


This was my biggest fear. Thin controllers and how rough I am with them. While I’ll fully admit that 3 days isn’t enough time to really test how durable they are, they definitely feel that they are built with quality in mind.

While connected to the handheld unit, though – and this might just my paranoia coming out – I feel like I need to loosen my grip or risk either damaging one of the units or twisting the unit to a point where I may do damage to the actual Switch unit.

I would be curious to see what sort of weight limitations the unit can withstand when twisting (I’m not going to test that either!).

Button Positioning

Two things I noticed on this…

First – the buttons and joysticks are definitely smaller than the Xbox or Playstation controllers. Some may find this an annoyance. It definitely takes some getting used to. I’m almost 6’2, and have larger fingers (you can see my sausage thumb in the picture, haha. Though I have lost 140 lbs in the last year so they aren’t THAT big anymore haha) you may find yourself hitting the wrong button on accident (or catching part of another while clicking the button you meant to).

Second – the positioning of the joysticks and buttons are similar to that of the Xbox controller. Bonus for the players who are used to the joysticks not being lined up with eachother. I know that was my biggest problem when I went from PS4 to Xbox.. It felt weird as fuck having a joystick slightly lower than the other.

Battery Life

While connected to the unit… it’s a null matter.. They unit powers them.

I had them disconnected for about 10 hours and they were still running strong. Having the 2nd pair is nice though.. I can have one set in use, and the other on the handheld charging/charged in case I need to do a quick swap out.

I have read good battery life though. But if you’re worried about it, definitely invest in either a 2nd set of Joycons (99.99$ CAD) or the Pro Controller (89.99$ CAD). I think the Pro Controllers are pretty much sold out. But a 2nd pair of Joycons isn’t a bad idea either.


I’ll never understand the price point on these.

99.99$ CAD for a pair of Joycon controllers (or, I think it was 69.99$ individually)

Which is ten dollars more than the Pro Controller.

I guess it comes down to availability of the Pro Controller, and if you want a 2nd pair of Joycons. I’m happy with a 2nd set of Joycons. Though I will pick up a Pro Controller as soon as I see one available.


In the end, the decision is up to you on what you get as a second controller. But I’m pleasantly surprised overall on the Joycon.


Happy Gaming!