So here I am, wandering the vast interweb an find the following article:

Switch matchmaking and lobbies handled through phone app

Yes.. The article is from January. But I think it’s an important topic to discuss.

Because this changes the landscape of how multiplayer games are handled. Both in terms of matchmaking and with regards to how communication would happen. Let’s look at both independently.

Matchmaking & Lobbies

Personally, I like this idea of using a mobile app to setup multiplayer games. Almost everyone has either a tablet or smart phone. It’s easy to fire up an app, tap a button to open a lobby, select a game and probably some parameters (private or open game, etc…).

I think there is some value in this. One thing I hated was setting up multiplayer games and typing messages on the Xbox. Took too long in some cases (example: getting a raid together in Destiny).

The only thing I can see with this is that every Nintendo Switch game is going to have to use the Nintendo Matchmaking service… Good? Bad? Don’t know. This would be a shift away from in-game matchmaking to a single point of handling across the network.

Downside? If Nintendo servers are attacked (DDoS, etc..), or the server is down – then I can see it being a cluster fuck as potentially EVERY game wouldn’t be able to connect to matchmaking. As opposed to specific games having dedicated servers. So if Xbox Live is up, and Destiny servers are down.. It only effects Destiny and no one else.

There’s a good and bad side to this.. At least I think so.

Voice Chat

This… I really hope Nintendo clarifies. Because I agree with some of the comments in the article.

I don’t like the idea of my cell phone being in front of me, with either a headset on or my TV blasting.. And having the voice chat handled through my phone. For several reasons.

a) If I have a headset on, chances are I’m going to have a hard time hearing the voice chat

b) Cell phones are going to pick up EVERY background noise. It’s going to suck for people on the other end

c) Probably no push-to-talk

I’m hoping this is an ALTERNATIVE, rather than the RULE, for Nintendo.

Food for thought! I’m sure we’ll get some more information in the coming weeks. I’m not worried. So far.. Nintendo’s getting their shit right! Haha.