So I didn’t get to fully test the Switch last night.. I went to bed early because I’m old (well, not really).  Was a long day with the standing in line for the console in the freezing cold.

So I’ve had more time today to play the console.. I also tested the handheld unit on it’s own.

A tossed Bomberman in for a bit.. Nostalgic for sure. Interesting gameplay and graphics. I enjoyed it. I only tested story mode, though. There is an online cooperative (or battle mode, rather) too, which I’ll definitely get into!  So I can’t really give a proper yay or nay on the game, it’s features, etc… But the initial graphics were good, and definitely reminded me of  the old Bomberman games.

But my lack of talking about Bomberman is only on account of.. Yeah you guessed it. More Legend of Zelda. Yeah that game… The one people are force feeding reviews for breakfast.

I’m not THAT far into the game.. I’ve only done a few of the Spirit Temples, and did some random exploring (ok, yes.. I did more screwing around exploring then actually following what I was supposed to be doing).

My biggest pet peeve right now is the stamina bar.. You run, and you’ll run out of stamina.. Climbing.. You better believe uses stamina.  Swimming? Damn straight.. More stamina.

I get why they did it.. sure.. But I’d prefer not having it.. Swimming and have a ‘breath’ bar? I can live with that. Running? Let me run!! Don’t restrict me!

But enough crying about it.. It’s very minor. I’m still loving the overall graphics and feel. The scenery and landscapes are fantastic. I don’t want to use the term ‘cartoony’, but they have a certain something to them that makes them look wonderful.


I went on another trek to EB Games today… They were still having their double trade in bonus towards Switch products. So I traded in a few more Xbox One games I’ve been sitting on. So got another 200$ in credit.

What did I buy?! Well I got a pair of Neon Red/Blue Joy Cons (the console game with Grey). So I’m all set for controllers for now. Also picked up a carrying case. And have almost 70$ in credit for when Fire Emblem Warrior is available for pre-order.


What’s your thoughts on Bomberman and Legend of Zelda? Let me know!

I’ll be setting up my Google+. And I do have a personal Twitter where I post funny shit and all that.. Mostly for my online gaming shenanigans. Feel free to ask me for my Twitter handle.